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Flow Tite Seals
Precision O-Rings, Back-Up Rings, Quad Rings, Cord Rings
TEFMET, P.T.F.E Steel Lined Gaskets
TEFLON encapsulated O-Rings

Flow Tite

Flow-Tite is a soft and spongy and will conform easily to all surface irregularities and when compressed forms a thin strong gasket able to continously seal without retourquing, even at temperatures up to 315˚C.

Precision O-Rings, Back-up Rings, Quad-Rings, Cord-Rings

Welcome to our 9th Edition O - Ring Handbook, we are proud to say that this handbook has become a very popular and useful technical source of information in the industry over the 45 years of EAP Internationals Ltd history.

TEFMET, P.T.F.E steel lined gaskets

This is a flange gasket consisting of a 304 stainless steel wire mesh insert, individually moulded into a virgin P.T.F.E. ring conforming to ASA and DIN standards. It is ideally suited for use in a corrosive environment and its non-ageing qualities also make it perfect for use on joints which are not protected from the atmosphere.

TEFLON® encapsulated O-rings

Consisting of a seamless and uniform TEFLON®- FEP or PFA encapsulation which completely encloses a core material of either Silicone, Viton® or EPDM elastomers. The dimensions of the ORing are characterised by the inside diameter and the cross section I.D. x C.S.


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