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EAP seals offer a range of seals specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, within the pharmaceutical industry, sealing materials need to demonstrate a range of properties including chemical compatibility, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and the capability to withstand aggressive cleaning regimes. The requirements for seal robustness are very high. Because of the diverse demands of the Pharmaceutical industry, several high-performance materials are required to satisfy the demand for superior chemical sealing, reliability and long service life. Typically, batch details and cure dates for the rubber are provided to ensure the traceability of the product, it is therefore critical that the quality of the seals provided comply with the stringent regulations and quality standards this ensures they are evidenced to perform to the complexity of the operations within which the seal is required to do.


The company is registered to ISO 9001-2015, our certificate is available to download. In addition, the company operates its own Quality Policy and a programme of "Continuous Improvement" The company is also a Member of the British Standards Institute, our certificate of membership is available to download


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